AI Leadership

Why leadership is the coming star!

For the past 30 years, companies have worked to increase productivity by focusing on work effort. Productivity in Norway was positive until 2008 (SSB, Norway), while in all subsequent years it has had a declining trend. Professor Morten Hansen at the UC Berkeley School of Information, has for a long time pointed out the need to be more concerned with results (outcome of the effort). Talection has developed a SaaS solution that focuses on results and utilizing qualities in the workforce. Talection can document 40-60% better utilization of labor resources, by extracting strategic and operational gains. This means that companies can increase revenues and growth significantly, without making investments.

Talection’s product portfolio consists of:

  1. Rightsizing.
  2. Organization, team, leader and employee development.
  3. Change, performance and monitoring.
  4. Skill training.
  5. Recruitment and selection.

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