Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Talection works to reduce bad hires and at the same time open up for hiring outside own industry to ensure access to skilled talent. The tools we use include:

1. Algorithms that measure candidates’ total competencies, including education, work experience, skills and personality using neuroscience games, self-report tests, IQ tests and Big data. Always uses 2-3 tests to identify one competence requirement.
2. Algorithms that compare mastery, well-being and identity requirements with the competence requirements in a holistic way.
3. Digital twins are used to enable non-experts to analyze the requirements (job needs and competency requirements) without being an expert. Complicated relationships between work and people are simplified without simplification, the quality is not compromised.
4. Collaborates with digital and AI advertising agencies to provide the best talent using SoMe.
5. All candidates receive the same treatment and experience.
6. Data about the candidate is also the start of the employee journey for the selected candidate.

TALECTION EXPERIENCES GREAT PROGRESS AND IS LOOKING FOR MORE PARTNERS TO CARRY OUT ASSIGNMENTS – GLOBALLY. Sales take place in an ecosystem consisting of several partners who work towards our common goal: Flawless and bold hiring !!! Contact Tom Strand for a nice chat. (tom.strand@talection.com).

PS: Today, Talection works in: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Turkey, South Africa, North Africa, Middle East, UK, Be-Ne-Lux, Singapore, USA, are constantly expanding globally.  Our methods and tests are culture-neutral and promotes diversity. It’s all about individuals.


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