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Digitalization is changing your future work life

Successful businesses are through digitalization able to activate their full potential by combining the human being and its focus on attitude (social interaction and learning) with their digital twin’s knowledge and skills (analysis) in the interest of a common goal.

Competence = Knowledge + Skills + Attitude.

Recruiting is shifting towards: Hire for Attitude and train for Skills!

Activate Full Expertise

In the last 5-6 decades, businesses have been organized and directed by hierarchical and authoritarian principles, focusing on developing skills to solve tasks.

Skills have been the dominant competence factor, while knowledge and attitudes have been applied where it has been strictly necessary to solve the task. This has led to the development of a workforce with very good skills. It has also been easy for employees and job applicants to navigate in the “job jungle”.

At the same time, attitude or personal characteristics and interdisciplinary knowledge development have not been given the same “room” to grow/develop.

Focus on attitude has by some been unconscious, or consciously been regarded as a waste of time and not as the strengthening of diversity and knowledge explosion. Over time employees have felt more and more as “resources” only.

With digitalization, your business can activate its full potential and tap into the full spectre of expertise of all its employees – human beings or their digital twin.

Personalization of Work: Game Changer

Digitalization changes the game. Technology leads to increased openness, transparency, democratization and personalization of work. The restructuring of businesses using digital technology is necessary to avoid being perceived as undemocratic and discriminatory – and to energize the workforce.

Businesses can benefit from a wider variety of organizational cultures and management styles. Greater diversity on the business side leads to greater diversity on the individual side and opportunities for personalization of work.

Successful businesses can no longer focus only on skills for finding and selecting talent for their digital future.

Employers: Hire for attitude and train for skills!
Employees: Train for attitude!

ToDo-list: Employers

  • Increase business Diversity.
  • Increase people Diversity.
  • Implement Teamwork as the standard way of working.
  • Implement Self-Management.
  • Reshape the business Governance.
  • Hire more Digital Employees.
  • Use Digital Technology to maintain Control of businesses (create new KPI’s: Culture & Potential).
  • Educate leaders to build and master Trust-Based Relationships during digital transformations.

Based on what employers should do, prepare yourself to change your game.

ToDo-list: Employees, Job Applicants

  • Build your own Smart (Digital) CV.
  • Test your Potential and Attitude.
  • Run job Simulations to build Awareness.
  • Share Smart (Digital) CV will others – protect your Data (gold).
  • Create your own team, communities – share, learn and play with friends, family or colleagues (get feedback).
  • Seek out, and get Expert advice.
  • Plan your Career path and Personalize your job.
  • Be Pro-Active, take care of your own job destiny.
  • Use Games to train and have fun!

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